Corpus Christi

Here is God, our God, here he remains for ever;
and for ever he will lead us and guide us.

Today at Mass, just before Communion, when Father opened the tabernacle, I thought how representative the image was of Jesus’ heart offering itself to to the world. The riches of heaven are enclosed and locked-up; but in the Eucharist Christ opens His heart and lets us in; He lets us take our fill of the riches of His heavenly store of grace. Our souls overfill with grace…the very life of Christ held within us. Christ lets us in, even though we cannot deserve Him–because we cannot deserve Him. The Eucharist is not logical in our human sense; we are utterly undeserving of Him, saint or sinner. The Eucharist is unlike any other experience…the Mass is unlike any other prayer. In no other way does Christ give Himself to us so fully, so powerfully.


About Longing Heart

A young, Catholic woman seeking the Lord and living a hidden life in Christ. Embracing the simple, yet profound life of being single in the world. 'He has won us for himself...and you must proclaim what he has done for you. He has called you out of darkness into his own wonderful light.' 1 Peter 2:9
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