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The Vice of Perpetual Motion

“The trouble is that there is a mesmeric fascination in keeping moving–there is nowhere so urgent as an airport. A fasination in moving, and growing fear of having to stop. It takes courage to stay with it: not to move … Continue reading

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The Stuff You Use

Seems like songs are the way God had been speaking to me this week. Here is another, ‘This is the Stuff’ by Francesca Battistelli. At first I thought this song was just a light, funny song, but the other day … Continue reading

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Capturing Bleakness

Sometimes secular music seems to capture the bleakness of the human situation more profoundly then any Christian song does. I think this is the natural order of a fallen world. And as much as secular music may capture the world’s … Continue reading

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Crazy Weekend

I feel in need of a weekend to recover from my weekend, so the fact that today is only Monday is depressing me slightly. My cousin was married this weekend and although I didn’t stand-up with her in the wedding, … Continue reading

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No Idle Love

“Where God is concerned, ‘love is never idle: it is in continuous movement.’” –Iain Matthew quoting St. John of the Cross in Impact of God: Soundings from St John of the Cross

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On a Lighter Note : Muffins

Jack: Good heavens, I suppose a man may eat his own muffins in his own garden. Algy: But you have just said it was perfectly heartless to eat muffins! Jack: I said it was perfectly heartless of YOU under the … Continue reading

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Missionary of Joy

“One filled with joy preaches without preaching.” –Mother Teresa I think that there is a certain joy that befits a true Christian. I would even say that it not only befits the true Christian–it is essential for him to possess. … Continue reading

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