A Day to Pray

[L]ove for life did not deter them from death.

–Revelations 12:11

For me, today is a day to remember, to be thankful and to pray.

Today I am thankful. Thankful for the freedom I enjoy as a Christian and an American. As much as I enjoy this freedom, I also ache for those people who do not have this same freedom. For those people whose countries and lives are ripped apart by war. Today reminds me of them. My country, my people, were once just like them: fighting for peace and for a country they could be proud of. There is nothing I have done that makes me deserving of the freedom I enjoy. There is nothing they have done that makes them deserving of the violence they suffer. Today I pray for all peoples who live in war-torn countries.

Today I am thankful. Thankful for all the men and women who, from before the founding of this country to the present moment, have offered their lives to uphold our independence. Even though it may sound crass, I am thankful that there are still men and women who will die for their country. I fear their may be a day in the future (and not as far in the future as one might think) where young people will lack the bravery and selflessness to put their lives on the line for their country. I hope this is not true. I hope this is just my own cynical temperament.

Today I pray for all those men and women who sacrifice their lives that others may be free. Today I pray for the future of our country, and that we may always have such brave and selfless citizens.


About Longing Heart

A young, Catholic woman seeking the Lord and living a hidden life in Christ. Embracing the simple, yet profound life of being single in the world. 'He has won us for himself...and you must proclaim what he has done for you. He has called you out of darkness into his own wonderful light.' 1 Peter 2:9
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